Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What is Retro Redesign?

I define Retro Redesign as the process of combining hand picked vintage pieces with the unique forms and colors of semiprecious gemstones into the perfect new creation... something old is made new again - a current fashion sensibility with a vintage edge.
The result is handcrafted artisan jewelry and handmade gemstone jewelry that is nostalgic, yet contemporary.
Handcrafted beaded jewelry and natural gemstone jewelry come alive like never before when thoughtfully combined with a compatible element of days gone by.
Freshwater pearl necklaces and handmade beaded jewelry on their own can be consideredunique handcrafted jewelry, to a degree, but watch what happens when they are melded with a component of yesteryear! Truly unique handmade jewelry is what Retro Redesign is all about.
Our vintage edge gemstone necklaces and other creations are examples of custom fashion jewelry at its very best. lisascala.com

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  1. Thats a nice way of putting it. I dig!