Monday, December 13, 2010

The 3 Day Shopping Gala Art & Craft Show had a great turn out

Artisan & Craft Show
Thurs. Fri. Sat.

Wish List Evening
Make a list of your favorite items so the right person knows what you want when they come in!
Thurs. Dec. 16th 11am to 9pm

& Last Minute Shopping Blast

Fri. and Sat. Dec. 17th & 18th 11-5
10% off Lisa Scala Jewelry Art & Fashion
The Scala Art Center is collecting Coats for Ruth's House again this year. It was such a great success! 84 coats were collected last year. Thanks Again!

Meaders General Store, Theos & Scala Art Center have

Toys for Tots boxes. Let no kid go without this year!
Free Gift Wrapping!

Refreshments & Fun!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

WOW what an amazing Night!

Thank you everyone for making the Art & Wellness Evening the Scala Art Center a huge success! It was wonderful to see all the happy calm faces enjoying each other, including me thanks to Joellen DiLiero from Brain Awakening. Thanks again for chilling me out. We had amazing artists with beautiful pottery from Kathy Kriegal, Art Knitting by Trysha Lych and did you know that she does CranioSacral work as well.  I had a treatment and it calmed down my migraine. Our puppet lady Barb Harrold with amazing soft sculptures, the multi talented Andrea Mills adding to her list Reiki. Alyce Underhill has these interesting mixed media pieces that are wonderful. We also had Suzanne Poitras encostic paintings these are little beauties. We featured the beautiful painting and mixed media work of Lynne Schulte.  The Friendship Connection here our building is offered by our own Julie Anne Fiore-Hauser Developmental Behaviorist. ( Melanie Vega doing Shiatsu and we all know how good she is. Georgetown Therapeutic Massage was a great addition to the night. I saw allot of people enjoy being pampering. Dr Jennah Deiter was here giving spinal assessments. Sara Strout with all natural lotion and baby products. they really work my husband hands were cracked one week ago and now they look and feel great. (Oh LaaLaa).Pam Chanel was here with her ReLiv products which my husband also uses and likes. Shaklee products brought by Emily Taft. Jillian Davis also now in the center with JoyBirds making your life passion your business. Our Mary Kay girl Anne Schaefer was here making us beautiful. Deby's Sewing Service which most of use and love! She was showing us how to revive your own wardrobe. Nancy Gallant was high lighting her business "Time Well Spent". The local writer Harriett B. Varney Miller was here signing her book "Birth of the Phoenix". We also had some of our teachers previewing there up coming classes such as Fashion Sewing and After School Film School. Joe introducing drum making this is one of the many exciting art class coming up.Oh yes I was there with my jewelry, paintings and taking about my new classes. For more info. about the Scala Art center go to (
We will be having monthly Wellness Nights and many other events coming soon. Book your appointments now. Walk ins are welcome.
Scala Art Center 28 West Main St. Georgetown MA 01833
We have our GRAND OPENING this Saturday  11 -5 Please come and join in on own festivities.
ThankYou everybody! Lisa Scala

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Art & Wellness Evening

It finally happening this thursday. I can't waite for this one! This is starting off our series of events for the fall and the holidays.

Scala Art Center

Art & Wellness Evening

Scala Art Center 28 West Main St. Georgetown MA 01833

Thursday September 16th 6:00 –9:00

We would like to invite you to our first Art & Wellness Evening.

We are hosting this event to bring a variety of amazing artists and wellness professionals together for one special night of the art of healing.

Massage Therapist, Shiatsu Therapist, Shaman, Aesthetician, Holistic Healing Reiki, Green Products, Mary Kay Jewelers, Potter, Fiber Artists, Puppet Maker, Painters, Film Maker and so much more.

We have invited the local author Harriet B. Varney Miller the writer of “Birth of the Phoenix” to join us for a book signing of her riveting novel.

We will also be collecting donations for a National Coalition Against Domestic Violence cause in honor of her book.

Prosperity & Wellness Book Mark a Complimentary Gift for the first 20 guests. A simple thank you for your support.

Art & Wellness Basket Raffle to help Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

Great ladies night out so bring your friends.

We will be serving healthy refreshments.

For More Info. Contact me Lisa Scala at or (978) 352 8614

Friday, August 13, 2010

Artists Sucess Circle September

Artist Success Circle

Scala Art Center

28 West Main St Georgetown MA
(Formerly Scala’s Antiques)
978 352 8614

We would like you to join us for our Artist Success Circle a gathering where we share our ideas and have fun with other creative people. We meet once a month at the Scala Art Center for a discussion on the groups chosen topics.

We are a community of artists who would like to share their passion for art with others. We have a local space for children and adults to learn, share, and create art. We are offering classes, workshops, also we have scheduled monthly art shows, and will be inviting local artists to join our Artists Success Circle as an opportunity to network and exchange information. This group has been very successful thus far with great supportive people that share there experience. We have also enjoyed field trips and outings together. This creative group is inspirational! See our updates and endeavors on my blog.

We will be picking up with a discussion about the Artist's Way book by Julia Cameron. This was our summer homework to keep the group on course. Please join us in September. Date to be announced.

Thanks Lisa Scala

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Meeting Place at Scala Art Center

The Meeting Place

“The Meeting Place” at the Scala Art Center is a charming place to have your meetings at our conference table, a group gathering around the hearth as well as a One on One meeting with your client.

Allot of us work at home and let’s face it sometimes the house is not in any shape to impress those clients. We have a creative place that has character and is set up for your business needs. We also have this comfy spot in front of the hearth for more informal gatherings such as book clubs, sewing circles and small meetings.

The Conference Table for $40. (2 hours or so)

The Hearth is available for $25. (2 hours or so)

These spaces are available during open & closed hours.

The One on One tables do not have any charge.

We have coffee and baked goods available for a contribution.

More info. or to book space:
(978) 352-8614

Come visit us to check out the space and book today!
Thanks Lisa Scala

Looking for great Art Teachers

Looking for great Art Teachers!

Hi, my name is Lisa Scala and I am looking for great art teachers to teach at the Scala Art Center in Georgetown MA. We already have amazing artists instructing a variety of courses but we would like to add to our great list of mediums. We would like to offer a well rounded class catalog this fall so if you are interested please let us know. You can go to our web-site to check out what we already offer. We have a writing class, painting lessons, jewelry workshops & classes as well as a drawing class lined up for next month as well.

We run these classes on a rented community space basis, so 25% of the class income goes to overhead. The teachers use the community space that works the best for there class and we book the area and time. The teacher makes there own flyer's and promote there class. We will put the class listing on our web-site and we include you in our general promotions. This works well because all of us are driving people to the center so it helps everyone. If you have any other questions let me know.

Scala Art Center 28 West Main St. Georgetown MA 01833

Gallery Hours Wed. – Sat. 11 - 5

(987) 352-8614

Come visit us, Thanks Lisa Scala

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Call for Artists Art & Wellness Evening

Art & Wellness Evening

Scala Art Center 28 West Main St. Georgetown MA 01833

Thursday September 16th 6:00 –9:00

We would like to invite you to be a vendor at our first Art & Wellness Evening.

We are having a variety of artists and wellness professionals coming together for one special night to offer the art of healing. We would like represent one of each of the arts and wellness areas. We have a variety of Art & Wellness professionals joining us thus far we have a Massage Therapist, Shiatsu Therapist, Shaman, Facials, Green Products, Jewelers, Potter, Fiber Artists, Puppet Maker, Painters, and a Film Maker. Let me know what you would like to add to this great line up. We are asking a $10. fee for the space and we ask that you bring a healthy snack for our guests. The space includes electricity and a chair. (we have a few tables available to reserve) please bring your own table if you do have one. This can be prepaid by sending a check to Lisa Scala at 28 West Main St. Georgetown MA 01833. I will be sending a PDF of the invite flyer that you can share with clients and friends. Thanks for passing the word along. For more info. contact me Lisa Scala at or (978) 352 8614

Friday, July 30, 2010

Open Hours & Events

We now have open Gallery hours during the week at the Scala Art Center. We are open Wednesday - Saturday 11 - 5 and of course for classes. We have "The Meeting Place" spaces to rent for conferences and small group gathering in front of the hearth. This can be booked during private closed hours as well as during open hours.This is a great place to meet for One on Ones as well. If you work at home or just need a space to meet off of rt. 95 this is a cozy creative place to do that.  For your convenience we do have coffee and baked goods available for a small contribution. Plan for a Wellness Evening in September a night of creativity and luxury. We will be having our Official Grand Opening September 25th during Georgetown Days with a Artisan & Craft Show, kids crafts, Artists Demos and After School Film School Flicks and refreshments.
All are welcome!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dance Club at the Museum?

Wow, what a weird but fun night the Artist Success Circle had last night at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston (Thanks Again Nora!). I finally got to the Gardner Museum and it was so much fun and so beautiful!
The three story palazzo/atrium or what ever you might call it. It is amazing with it's garden in the center and all the wonderful sculptures. What was interesting about this night was the combination night club/Renaissance museum combo. What a "trip" to be looking at a Rembrandt while two people are snogging (kissing for those of us out of the twenties scene)in the corner. It is an amazing museum with so much to see in a home setting well a little more than a home. I'll need to go back some afternoon to take it in further.
Just a reminder that anyone creative is invited to join us at the Scala Art Center Artist Succes Circle we meet once a month on Monday evening.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Family Film Night

Hi Everyone,

I hope you're enjoying the summer so far.
Scala Art Center 28 West Main St. Georgetown MA 01833

After School Film School has been busy and I'd love to show you what we've been up to so far. This coming Friday, July 9th at 7 pm will be the first After School Film School Family Film Night. We'll showcase some of the work students have done and then show a children's movie for all to enjoy.

There are still spots open for the programs this summer. Check out for schedules. If you sign up for a class on Family Film Night, you can save $50.

The festivities happen at the Scala Art Center, 28 West Main Street in Georgetown.

Hope to see you there.

Frank Hauser
After School Film School

Wildthreads: Introductory FASHION DESIGN SEMINAR

Wildthreads: Introductory FASHION DESIGN SEMINAR for ages 9 years old and up!

Wildthreads! FASHION DESIGN SEMINAR workshop is for crafting design students of fashion to place themselves in front a sewing machine and manage how the feel of a sewing machine works with what are the tools of the fashion trade. Each student will be provided an individual sewing machine to use during the workshops.

Sewing Machines, Fabric, Tools, and Patterns, are provided for use during these Introductory Workshops Sessions.

4 week one period morning or afternoon session limited to the same group of up to 6 designer students that meet one period session a week for 4 consecutive weeks

Scala Art Center 28 West Main St. Georgetown MA 01833

Choose One Period from Summer 2010 Session offered:

Thursdays 11:00am-12:30am / 1:00pm-2:30pm / 3:00pm - 4:30pm

Friday 10am-11:30am / 1:00pm-2:30pm

Class fee $75.00 plus $35.00 non-refundable Administration and Materials fee

To register please contact:

Monday, June 14, 2010

Here is a tiny part of the interview with Fox25 and the Georgetown Zip Trip.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Scala Art Center

This is what the Scala Art Center is Now!

                            This is what the Scala Art Center will look like soon!

                                       Come see the changes and come join the Fun!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Profound Art

Somehow I found myself getting up and walking toward the painting;
or, perhaps, it was coming towards me. And then, without any surprise or hesitation on my part,
I entered the frame.
Peter Ackroyd

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Chic Peek by Lisa Scala Jewelry Art & Fashion: Artist Success Circle "Making the Link between Business & Social" Monday May 24th

The Chic Peek by Lisa Scala Jewelry Art & Fashion: Artist Success Circle "Making the Link between Business & Social" Monday May 24th

Great Shots of your Art!

Digital cameras and photo-imaging software have made it quite easy to take pictures and distribute them on blogs, in social media, and even in print magazines. But perhaps you sometimes wonder why some people' pictures come out clear, sharp, and colorful while others—maybe yours?—look dark and fuzzy. Or have shadows in all the wrong places.

Especially when shooting your artwork, you want the result to look as professional as possible. So I asked our design director, Larissa Davis, to share some of her tips on how to take better pictures of your art.

8 Tips from a Pro

Take the photos with natural lighting, if at all possible. A flash causes shadows and glare. Soft, northern light is best. If the light inside isn't optimum, take your subject outside; this works best if it is a slightly overcast day.

Shoot with the light behind you. Whenever possible, take your photo from a vantage point where your back is to the light. Don't shoot “into” the light; your subject will be in shadow.

Use a tripod or other method of stabilizing the camera. Otherwise, use a steady hand. This is especially important with close-ups.

Remove distractions. Take a look in your view finder and look at what's around your subject. Is there a plant behind it? Papers off to the side that you don't want in the picture? Remove any objects that aren't there to enhance the photo.

Neutral doesn't mean boring. It's usually best to photograph your artwork against a neutral background. But that doesn't have to be a white wall. Something with texture, such as Japanese paper or a nubby linen tablecloth can make the subject pop and give it a context.

Vary your angles. Try taking a faraway shot, a close shot, and a detail shot of each element. Shoot from above and from below.

Give it some scale. If you're shooting your artwork for selling purposes, especially, it can be a good idea to style your piece with another object that shows the scale. This could be a tulip, a button, a hand (with the object in the palm), or a house, depending on the piece.

Use a light box. A light box is a professional photographer's tool that reduces glare and shadows and makes it easier to trace and edit your images digitally. A light box also helps bring out the details in your artwork. Fortunately, you can easily and inexpensively make one at home.
From Cloth Paper Scissors Blog

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Artist Success Circle "Making the Link between Business & Social" Monday May 24th

Hi Everyone, we have our Artists Success Circle coming up this Monday May 24th at 6:30. We are having our resident techie Frank Hauser help us out with Social Networking and making it work for our businesses. He will be on hand to try to answer questions and help us through the settings and applications. So bring your laptop,questions and expertise to share with the group. Thanks Lisa Scala

We would love you to join us at the Scala Art Center 28 West Main St. Georgetown MA 01833

(978) 352 8614

There are allot of us that have struck out on our own trying to navigate the Social Networking Scene. I have found that even though I am on these pages Facebook, Twitter, Flikr I don't necessarily know how to work them to my advantage for my business. It's all about the steps to make certain apps., badges,pages and the like work for you.We need help!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Chic Peek by Lisa Scala Jewelry Art & Fashion: "Spring Fling" Georgetown MA Family, Fun & Art

The Chic Peek by Lisa Scala Jewelry Art & Fashion: "Spring Fling" Georgetown MA Family, Fun & Art

"Spring Fling" Georgetown MA Family, Fun & Art

Our first annual "SPRING FLING" is here already. We are going to be having an Artisan & Craft Show as well as arts and crafts for kids. There will be Face/Tatoo Painting and aVintage Fire Engine for the kids. This is a "Shop Local Event" including other shops around town that are having events and activities. This will be a great day to spend creative time with the family and support your local businesses. We are "sistering up" with the Art Fair at  Lincoln Hall in West Boxford center.(on the way to Benson's Ice Cream)
A day of Art & Fun! Thanks Lisa Scala

“SPRING FLING” a Georgetown “Shop Local Event”!

Scala Art Center 28 West Main St. Georgetown MA 01833
Saturday May 15th
11 – 5
(Rain Date Sunday May 16th)

(978) 352 8614

Scala Art Center & Local Georgetown Shops are presenting the first “Spring Fling”

Scala Art Center will celebrate with:

Outdoor & Indoor Artisan & Craft Show

Sign -Up for classes that day 10% off

Vintage Fire Engine for the Kids!


Food Vendor

Kid’s Arts and Crafts

Face Painting & Tattoos


Our Causes are benefiting Breast Cancer. Thank you for your support!
The Breast Cancer Charities of America

Crafter Supplies Yard Sale (we will be accepting craft supply donations in the box at the front of the Scala Art Center). Spring cleaning, crafter style!

Tables are available for both selling your own art & crafts or craft supplies.

Little's Block of Shoppes will feature:

Sidewalk Sales
Free Balloons for kids
'Horrible Cookies' sampling
Solo Strutters Breast Cancer Crusade
Natural dog treats sampling
Many vendors will donate 10% of their sales to the Georgetown PTA
Theo's Restaurant will be cooking it up inside and out!
In addition, a great way to help support your local downtown economy.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

WOW what a great movie! "Who Does She Think She Is?"

We had our Artist Success Circle  movie "Who Does She Think She Is?"by Pamela Tanner Boll. Thank you everyone for sharing this inspiring movie with us it was a great success with our fabulous discussion after. If you get a chance to see this documentary do! The movie came with discussion cards that I thought I would share with you.

Discuss: If you're talented, it comes easily, right?

Question: Have you put your creative life on hold for your family?
What were/are the costs to you?
Did you go back to your work?

Discuss: If she's passionate about her art, she won't have anything left for me.

Discuss: "I didn't want my children to look back and say; 'My mom was never there for me.'
I've had to put my art in the background and I struggle with that every day."

Discuss: If I had more time,I would...

Question: "I had lots of people telling me that I was selfish."
Is it selfish to do your own work when you're responsible for the care of others?

Discuss: My secret passion is...

Question: Does your art make people feel uncomfortable?

Question: Janis is inspired by mischievous fairy tale characters.
What inspires you?

Discuss: In the U.S., 51% of all visual artists are female and women hold 53% of all art degrees, but 80% of the faculty members in art departments are male.

Discuss: Single women make 90% of what men make.
Women with children make 73% of what men make.Single women with children make 60%of what men make.

Discuss: Women writers won 63% of the awards but less than 30% of the money in awards reported by Poets& Writers (Jan/Feb'03 issue).

Question: What would be lost if you lived your dream?

Some things to think about.
We are designed to create!
Next: " Artist Success Circle" is Monday May 24th all creative people are welcome!
You can follow my blog by clicking:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Priceless Prom Gown Program"

"Because Memories Are Priceless"
We had a great time at our Fashion Shows! Now we would like to remind people about our cause. The "Priceless Prom Gown Program" The program was created and founded by Mrs. Carol S. Lanni during her employment at a local high school in the 2006/2007 academic year. The idea hatched when she was made aware that  a large part of the student body was not attending prom due to cost. We can help by donating slightly loved current style promand bridesmaid dresses , jewelry, hosiery still packaged, gift cards to local stores or mallsthat will help defray the cost of prom.
Priceless Prom Gown Program 978 521 2664
Drop off at Scala Art Center 28 West Main St. Georgetown MA
John Anton Cleaners of Andover
Thank You! Lisa Scala

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fashion Shows at the Scala Art Center

Hi, we would like to invite you to our fabulous Fashion Shows! They are going to be so much fun not only for the prom and wedding audience. We have an Artisan & Craft Show as well as refreshments. Don't miss this one! The Cat walk comes to Georgetown! Bring your friends for a great time! We are collecting Prom Dresses & Accessories for a great cause, for the Priceless Prom Gown Program.

Thanks Lisa Scala

Friday, March 12, 2010

1st Artist Success Circle

We have created the Artist Success Circle for artists and creative people to get together and share their ideas and to network. We want this to be a safe place to get support and have fun. We are having our first meeting Monday March 15th at 5:30 (at the Scala Art Center 28 West Main St. Georgetown MA 01833) to plan what we would like to get out of this group and what this group can give back. We are planning events and topics for the future meetings. We want this group to be open to the creative community. We have a movie night planned, it is the inspiring "Who Does She Think She Is?" It is an inspiring and heart felt movie for creative women. We were also thinking of some field trips: museums, hikes, art openings and more. Ideas for happenings at the center: guest speakers, business topics, demos, workshops, share books etc.

Please join us and bring your best ideas. (978) 352-8614
This picture is from a 1960's artist community in the art centers neighborhood.
Thanks Lisa Scala

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Happening!!! Scala Art Center

It is officially the Scala Art Center, I can't believe this is actually happening! Their is allot of excitement and support going on in Georgetown Ma! Thanks! We are having sign ups for classes and starting the Artists Success Circle March 15th at 5:30 all creative people are welcome! We are also having two Fashion Shows introducing our new tenants Bridal Stock Exchange, Studio 27Art, The Artisans Exchange, and Lisa Scala Jewelry, Art & Fashion. We will have open studios for all the other artist in the center.We are having a Prom Fashion Show Fri. evening March 26th at 7:00 and a Bridal Fashion Show Sat. March 27th at 2:00. (open 11 - 5) We will have many other wonderful artists and crafters with wedding related handmade items. Refreshments will be served. We also have so many other events planned such as a Wellness Day and a Spring Fling! Keep checking back for more or go to our web-site at It has been an amazing and a bit stressful journey so far and we are just getting started. There is such great energy and care going into all that is happening at the Center. We have amazing art teachers offering new and diverse classes and we are always adding new ones weekly. We have a few community spaces available for artists to teach workshops and to have Crafty Birthday Parties. We will be offering Art Camp in the summer in week long sessions as well as drop in daily classes. I could go on forever with all the creative ideas and fun we are going to have! Stop by anytime to check this great place out!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Rare Bird of Fashion

Rare Bird of Fashion The Irreverent Iris Apfel, can you say WOW!!! There is an exhibition at the Peabody Essex Museum of Iris Apfel a retrospective of her work and it is inspirational! You need to go to this if your a fashion diva or just to see how powerful women can be. My mom and I spent the day playing and wowing and studying everything Iris collected, designed and put together. We were in aw. Every woman in these rooms were so happy and charged it was the most wonderful energy. Her accessories from around the world were just magnificent and super sized. The fabrics "were to die for" all reproductions of exquisite antique material from around the world. This was such a wonderful day to spend with my mother sharing something we both love and appreciate. There is this fun thing at the end that you can take different pieces and mix and match to create your own designs on the computer. All I want to do now is create and share my creativity!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Visual Display for Artists

Newest Show Displays
I have been thinking of doing a workshop or a talk about doing visual displays to help market your art work. I have been doing display work for over 20 years. I started at my parents antique shop and then work at a jewelry gallery for many years. The jewelry gallery is were I got my most creative ideas and allot of experience using creative props to enhance the jewelry. We would redo our display cases and the two front windows every Friday. After awhile people would check what we had come up with on there way to dinner or coming home from work. This made it quite the challenge to come up with unique and fabulous windows! It was allot of fun and hard work sometimes working into the evening.
The important things to keep in mind when creating a successful visual display are:
1) Choose a theme or feeling that you are trying to create. If you stick with things you love they will probably have a connection to your work automatically.
color, style, texture, Asian, vintage, etc.
2) Think out of the box! Anybody can buy the display forms out of a catalog. Your own unique look! Look in your local hardware store, fabric store, or in antique shops to name a few places to find unique display items.
3) Try to keep it simple and clean looking. Keep in mind that your work will add the interest and color, the displays are only to enhance and be a backdrop for the pieces.
4) Show your work at different heights and levels. This can be easily achieve by putting boxes under your fabric or table clothes. Another idea is to use cake stands to lift the work up.
5) I like to use repeated shapes & images to keep the theme flowing. Using your logo in many different places in your display, this a good way to brand yourself and make people remember your art work.
6) Keep in mind that your display must work for every different venue. Sometimes we don't even know the configuration of our both or space before hand so keep this in mind while designing your display.
7) Easy set up! The weight and the amount of time it takes to set up the visual up is a very important thing to consider as well. This is not as easy as it sounds, I'm still working out the kinks in mine.
8) Plan out your display on paper before investing allot of time and money in various items that don't work together. You can work out sizing and shapes so you can concentrate on buying just what you need.
9) You can save money by using things that weren't necessarily meant for display. Be inventive!
10) Have fun with it and get creative! This will show through in how amazing it turns out!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Art Community Center

Artist Community Center
28 West Main St. Georgetown MA (formally Scala's Antiques)
W would like to create an artist community and gathering place that would be a space
to learn and share our passion for art with others. I have many friends and aquaintances that would love to
share there talents and love of art. We need a local place for our children and adults to learn to enjoy the process of creating.
We have talked about having "Lecture Series" inviting in artists and other interesting people.
We would also like to have an" Artists Success Circle" to exchange info.and ideas to succeed in the arts.
We have already had Artisan & Craft Shows that went very well socially as well as for selling our work.A big thanks to our supporters!
We plan on continuing these shows monthly. We also have been collecting winter coats for the less fortunate served at Ruth's House.
Thank you so much for the 75+ coats that were donated! We have really seen the local hometown support for this endeavor.
We really need this cultural gathering place in our downtown to bond as a community as well as bring others back into our great town.
I would really appreciate any input and ideas to make this a success.
Thanks Lisa Scala
If you are interested in taking classes, teaching classes, Artisan Shows, Artists Success Circle or just being a part of this exciting process
you can contact me at:
978 352 8614