Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"FORM ART CENTER" sharing our creativity!

It was a long haul but a great exsperience running these Art Shows and our downtown "Shop Local Event" I'm a little tired at this point but none the less excited about starting the"FORM ART CENTER" We are looking for artists to rent spaces to teach classes and have there art studios. We are trying to create an artists community with classes, shows, lectures and support for local artists. We want to bring culture and a place for people to hang out and enjoy!
Thank You So Much for your support at our Artisan & Craft Shows! They were a great success due to our friends and supporters.
We would like to wish you a Creative and Peaceful New Year! We will continue to have more of these art shows monthly.(to be announced)
We are starting our Art Classes January 11th so far they include:
Painting, Jewelry Making, Felting, Knitting, Crocheting and Kids Classes many more to be announced!
For more info. contact me at , (978) 352 8614 or we have flyer's at the front door of the shop.(28 West Main St. Georgetown)
I will have a calender at
Thanks Again! Lisa Scala

Monday, December 14, 2009

Running the Show/ Whats Next?

My friends and I have been running Art Shows for the last several weekends and wow props to the people that run the big craft fairs. The Art Community is so generous with there time, ideas and support. I want to thank everybody who has helped me on this journey, friends, family and the clients that believe in us! Most of you who are now friends as well. We are planning to start teaching and sharing our passion for art in classes starting in January. We already have a great group of talented artists that are so excited to teach! I will be teaching jewelry, Susan and Andrea will be teaching a variety of lessons and the amazing artists are starting to come out of the woodwork. I believe we have a painter and maybe a mosaic artist. We put the positive energy out there and it seems to come back. Thanks Lisa Scala