Monday, September 28, 2009

What Books Inspire You?

I have been trying to read books that will help me in business as well as in life lately. I have listed a few that I have enjoyed and that had a really great perspective on life. The One Minute Entrepreneur surprised me with it's advice and moral view on doing business. I highly recommend this book. I did list a few that were just entertainment, I tend not to read for fun enough. The Last Cato has twists and turns and is just fun! Do you have any books you would like to share with us either helpful or great entertainment? Please let me know and I will share them with everyone else. Thanks Lisa

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Faze of Creativity!

I have made a commitment to myself to get back into metalsmithing which I have mentioned before. I have been making new work with new exciting designs and materials for shows and Etsy. I'm still trying to use vintage and new materials that inspire me and that are interesting and unique. As you can see in my current work I am having fun!
I just read in a book that a good rule of thumb for a crafter to ask themselves, when making a new design is "would I buy this for myself"? Or in my case would I wear this myself? I have been trying to keep this in mind and also running some of this stuff by my stylish friends and family.
I would like the style of my jewelry to be recognized but also keep it fresh and fun to create.
Do you have any techniques or suggestions on keeping the focus and excitement?