Thursday, May 14, 2009

Putting Yourself Out There Can Be Scary

I am showing my paintings to the public for the first time and I'm a little nervous and excited. I have been painting for my own pleasure for years among other artsy things and loving it! My inspiration always comes from nature and the human body. It is hard to put into words but it also comes from my emotions and feelings on a subconscious level. Getting a little deep on ya, but it is the most wonderful healing process to paint or just create. I get into to a zone that I lose track of all time and everything around me and as anyone who has kids knows this is close to impossible.This is where I become a little skeptical or weary of selling my art. I don't want to create to sell, I want people to connect with my work and want to have it. I think I will have to keep this in check. Saying that I have been drawing and taking pictures of amazing plants and things that I can't waite to transform into my new work. I would love to hear your input and exsperiences with this topic.
Please wish me luck.
Phly Uc
222 State St.
Portsmouth N.H.
Sat. April 16th 6-9
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