Monday, May 23, 2011

Native American Jewelry Workshop

We had such a great time at the "Sisters Weekend Workshop" this past Saturday! The sisters had a Native American theme for their weekend together. They have a yearly tradition to spend time together with a mutually chosen theme and some set criteria. Having fun, seeing new sights, learning and expanding their skills are the few that stood out for me. Learning a skill was where I came in and I feel very honored to be a part  their special weekend. They both had this strong want to have a keep sake record for their families to share great tradition. The way that we did this was by creating a disc with the date and their names on them as part of their incredible pieces seen above. We gathered natural items and some traditional Native American materials to work with and just let our imaginations go. I taught them many new jewelry skills coupled with working together on the design. I am so very proud of them for their amazing results.
Thank You for the experience ladies! I feel very inspired and honored!

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