Friday, May 20, 2011

Mix & Match Charms and Chains

I have designed and created a line of jewelry for everyone "Mix & Match Charms and Chains" has really taken off. This line enables you to create your own jewelry pieces in your length, color and of course your own unique style. From large bold statement pieces to trendy everyday wear. The charms come in a large variety for everybodies taste. "Vintage Romantic" with angels, hearts and antique keys. "International" with Chinese Blessings, Incan images and Fleur De Lis. "Style Trends" with silver keys, star fish, anchors, locks, birds, and owls to name a few. "Industrial Edge" with light bulbs, tags, typewriter keys, and dice."Kids Rock" has butterflies, hearts, suns, bees, animals, peace signs, flowers and so much more in all the categories. I introduced this concept a few years ago and it has gotten better each year thanks to my customers and friends. I just got in a new lot of charms this week so your welcome to come and check them out at the center gallery or just hang out with us. Scala Art Center A Place for Art & Fun! Thanks Lisa Scala

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