Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Being Inspired!

Purple and grey are hot colors right now, I started getting into purple last year through fashion mag. Osmosis I'm sure, but I've been finding so many great purple vintage pieces lately and its inspiring. Check out these 80's beads that have an African flare when I used them like this, it looks so amazing on and I made it in two pendant lengths. I love the longer one it so bold and a little edgy.

Take a look at them on This is my first blog so I have allot to learn, I'll get there. My inspiration mostly comes from color, form, texture, vintage pieces, and nature. The new thing I'm jazzed about is using feathers in my work I can't wait to make a piece or five, soon!

I just learned that one of the styles that I've been working in is called Steam Punk, who knew, I've been saying Elegance with an Edge! If your out of the loop like me it's romantic, black, Victorian, Halloween, mad scientist all wrapped up in one. I love it and have collected this kind of stuff for along time. Some of my favorites are an acrylic ring with a bug inside,a big black Bakelite heart on large black links, my hand necklace,and my black crow print to name few. I have a new piece to photograph that has a black horn,grey chain and pearls, Steam Punk maybe? I do love making jewelry but I need to get back to my painting! New Years Resolution.

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