Monday, January 26, 2009

The Process

Here they are! Some of my feather jewelry pieces. These were some of the most fun pieces to to work on. The process was almost spiritual, I know I'm getting a little cheesy but it was great! The feathers are just beautiful and are a nice connection to nature. I love pairing organic, with manufactured items like the heavy chain, it's unexpected and edgy. I know I'm a little wacky with how I get so excited with these vintage finds. I just respect the artist and craftsman of the past and love the care and quality they put into their work. I'm addicted to finding treasures and giving them a new life. When I'm creating, either an object or color combo is where I start, next is balance with symmetry or visual balance. Third is finding an edge and/or an elegance in the look. Most importantly I enjoy it!

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