Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Meeting Place Complimentary Ice Coffee

The Meeting Place

A place to meet a friend or client, have a cup of coffee and a little treat/snack. There is an open craft studio for the kids to be creative while you relax and socialize (just a $5. materials fee). Buy your first coffee (hot or iced) and the second one is complimentary.
Come and check out this inspiring & creative place.

“The Meeting Place” at the Scala Art Center is such a charming place to have your meetings at our conference table, a group gathering around the hearth as well as a One on One meeting with your client.

Allot of us work at home and let’s face it sometimes the house is not in any shape to impress those clients. We have a creative place that has character and is set up for your business needs. We also have this comfy spot in front of the hearth for more informal gatherings such as book clubs, sewing circles and small meetings.

The Conference Table for $40. (2 hours or so)
The Hearth is available for $25. (2 hours or so)
These spaces are available during open & closed hours.
The One on One tables do not have any charge.
We have coffee and baked goods available for a contribution.

More info. or to book space:

(978) 352-8614

Come visit us to check out the space and book today!

Thanks Lisa Scala

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