Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fashion Trends This Spring

I am loving some of the fashion trends happening this season. Stripes are so hot right now but remember girls they can be less than flattering around our trouble areas. What I do is use them as accents or under a sweater or blazer. So cute! I am seeing allot of great corals and aquas (my personal favs). Natural gemstones and charms in jewelry. That nautical theme is poping up once again, just remember to keep it in check with the stripes and accessories can get a bit over done. I use the old proverb: put your accessories on then edit by taking at least one off. Purple is the color with kids and adults alike this time around. Juicy colors for the spring and summer collections. Fun! Fun! Fun! And yes some Day-glow for the kids is eking it's way in, but ladies a good rule of thumb is if you wore it the first time it was in fashion it might be to young for ya this time. Sucks when that happens! Always remember fashion info. is great but creating your own personal style is always in fashion!

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