Friday, July 16, 2010

Dance Club at the Museum?

Wow, what a weird but fun night the Artist Success Circle had last night at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston (Thanks Again Nora!). I finally got to the Gardner Museum and it was so much fun and so beautiful!
The three story palazzo/atrium or what ever you might call it. It is amazing with it's garden in the center and all the wonderful sculptures. What was interesting about this night was the combination night club/Renaissance museum combo. What a "trip" to be looking at a Rembrandt while two people are snogging (kissing for those of us out of the twenties scene)in the corner. It is an amazing museum with so much to see in a home setting well a little more than a home. I'll need to go back some afternoon to take it in further.
Just a reminder that anyone creative is invited to join us at the Scala Art Center Artist Succes Circle we meet once a month on Monday evening.

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